Veggies in short supply; so the rising prices


The current shortage of vegetables has resulted in the wholesale and retail prices of several varieties of commonly used vegetables increasing, economic centers said.


“It is not something new for vegetable prices to go up in the aftermath of torrential rains, Meegoda Economic Centre Manager Prashan Rajapaksa told media.

He said it would take another 40 days for the situation to return to normal.

“In situations of this nature where vegetables prices are increasing, people can go for alternatives like Cucumber, Pumpkin and Melon which are considerably cheaper,” Mr. Rajapaksa said.

According to vendors at Dambulla, Nuwara Eliya, Pettah and Narahenpita Economic Centres the substantial decrease in the supply of vegetables had compelled them to increase prices.

It is reported that the number of vehicles carrying vegetables arriving at the Dambulla Economic Centre had declined by 70 per cent resulting in a low supply and higher demand and thus the increase in prices.

The wholesale prices of 1kg of Carrots, Leeks, Cabbage and Green Chillies range between Rs.250 and Rs.300 whereas in other seasons the wholesale prices of these vegetables range between Rs.100 and Rs.160.

According to the Central Bank, prices of most varieties of vegetables have increased in both Pettah and Dambulla markets because of a drop in the supply of vegetables from major cultivating areas.

However, it said the increase in prices of Beans and Brinjals is moderated due to low trading activities caused by higher prices.