President stresses govt’s responsibility to make better society for children


President Maithripala Sirisena, in his message for the Universal Children’s Day, says that the present young generation is the key to preserve its future prosperity and pride in any country in the world.

“The need of the present era is to build productive young generation, who are equipped with knowledge, skills and high-quality values while having the ability to conquer the varying social and economic situations and face challenges,” the President emphasizes.

The President has stressed that it is the responsibility of a government and the elders to totally commit to create a better society for the children and ensure a secure and friendly environment for them.

“Through this year’s theme ‘Sumithuru Deyakin – Dinawamu Daruwan’ as well as by holding the National Ceremony of the Universal Children’s Day, we expect to take forward the children to such a better end,” the President said in his message.

To achieve this target, many programmes including the “Let’s Protect Children” programme have been implemented to ensure the safety, protection and development of the children, it further read.

The President calls on all the parents, elders, all the institutions and organizations, officials, policymakers and politicians to unite to build a better future for children and a proud, strong nation under the theme, ‘Sumithuru Deyakin – Dinawamu Daruwan’.