Portuguese fuel drivers strike, government imposes rationing


The Portuguese government-imposed fuel rationing at petrol stations on Monday (August 12) as fuel-tanker drivers started a strike and it promised to prevent the labor action from paralyzing the country at the height of the tourist season.

A strike in April was Portugal’s worst outbreak of industrial unrest in years. Tanker drivers decided to stop work for the second time this year after talks with their employers over better pay and workers’ rights failed.

The Socialist government declared an energy crisis on Friday (August 9) ahead of the strike, allowing it to ensure full supplies to ports, hospitals, airports, and other priority users.

The fuel rationing for the public restricts drivers to a maximum of 15 liters of petrol or diesel per filling at specially designated stations covered by the government-decreed minimum services scheme, and 25 liters at all other stations.

Some stations were out of fuel on Monday morning, but there were few lines so far.