Ranjan given 24-hours to apologize to Sangha


A number of parties have objected to a controversial statement made by State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake regarding Buddhist monks, at an interview on social media.

At a YouTube interview held recently, the State Minister made a derogatory statement regarding Buddhist priests.

Ramanayake’s statement claimed that the young priests who come to temples are sexually abused and that the 90% of the priests who shouts have been abused as a young priest.

The General Secretary of the Sinhale organization, Madille Pannaloka Thero, and Attorney Premanath C. Dolawatte lodged a complaint at the police yesterday (14) with regard to the statement of the State Minister.

The Thero stated that State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake will be given a period of 24 hours to apologize to the Sangha over his statement.

Meanwhile, representatives of civil society organizations, as well as public representatives, expressed their displeasure over the statement made by State Minister Ramanayake.

Colombo District Leader of ‘Ape Janabala Party’ Dan Priyasad stated that State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake attempted to create a conflict between Christians and Buddhists by attacking the Buddhist society.

MP Bandula Gunawardane stated that he, as a member of the parliament, will apologize from the Sangha with regard to Ramanayake’s statement.

Commenting on the incident Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka stated that those who blather have a place on social media.