“Education should be revolutionized through technology”: Minister Patali Ranawaka


A three-storied classroom complex of the Kotahena Kumara Vidyalaya was vested with the students yesterday (July 5).

The event which took place under the “Langama Paasala Hondama Paasala” program was held under the auspices of Minister of Power and Renewable Energy Ravi Karunanayake. Rs. 100 million has been spent on this project.

Addressing those gathered the Minister said that the education system in many countries have made changes. He further said that when the World Bank reports are analyzed, one could see that the per capita income is US$ 48 and that in Japan it was at US$ 49.

He continued to say that during the past 71 years that Sri Lanka with all its natural resources recorded an amount of US$ 4100 while Japan without any of it recorded a figure of US$ 48,800; a figure 10 times larger than ours. The Minister added that something has gone wrong somewhere in the country which has eventually led to the difference in the income between the two countries.

Another newly constructed building at the St. Mary’s College in Avissawella was vested with the students, under the “Langama Paasala Hondama Paasala” program. The event was held under the auspices of Minister of Megapolis & Western Development Patali Champika Ranawaka. Rs. 200 million has been spent on the project.

Minister Patali speaking to the gathering said that if the country needs to move forward that technological advancement should occur in all fields. He continued to say that the wealthiest in Sri Lanka is also one of the wealthiest of the world. He continued to say that they are happy to state that the software business earns more than the tea, coconut and rubber industries.

He added that the education system of the country should be revolutionized through technology which would, in turn, change the future of the economy.