“SOFA is an attempt to ensure sustainability of government” – MP Semasinghe


Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna held a party meeting in Maragahwewa, Anuradhapura yesterday (July 4). Following the meeting, MP Shehan Semasinghe spoke about the Status of Forces agreement or the SOFA Agreement.

The parliamentarian said that if the agreement is signed that the foreign military troops will definitely be granted access to the country and that all officers will enjoy the privileges of the ambassadors. He continued to say that further if they commit wrong, that a case could only be filed according to the American legal provisions and that taxes would also be exempted for them.

MP Semasinghe said that they have also been granted with the permission to enter and leave the country as they please.

He added that since the government needs the foreign support during both upcoming elections that they opt and prioritize their sustainability and not the country’s.