America not allowed to enter country or establish camps here: Ruwan


State Minister of Defense Ruwan Wijewardene said yesterday that American forces will not be allowed to enter the country nor will they be permitted to establish camps here.

The State Minister said that the government would not enter into any agreements with America or any other country which would be detrimental to the interests of the country.

Minister Wijewardene’s special communiqué further said that the Joint Opposition and certain groups of individuals are making new allegations against the government saying the government has entered into a secret pact with the US.

“I vehemently deny this claim and stress that we would never enter into secret pacts with the U.S as claimed by the joint opposition.

Our government is not ready to sign these types of agreements and would not leave room for American forces to enter the country and to establish their camps here,” the State Minister said.

If any security agreement is signed it would be undertaken by the Defense Secretary on the instructions of the President.

I wish to reiterate again that such agreements would not be signed by us, the State Minister said.