Bloemendhal Sanka arrested in Tamil Nadu – foreign media


A major underworld figure in Sri Lanka known as ‘Bloemendhal Sanka’ alias D. Sanka has been arrested by Indian security forces at Thangappa Nagar in Tamil Nadu, along with another Sri Lankan, reports Indian Media.

It is reported that along with the two Sri Lankans, an Indian too had been taken into custody.

As per reported by Indian media, on a raid conducted by the Kenikarai Police in Ramanathapuram, based on a tip-off received by them, had arrested the group.

The Sri Lankans had been first arrested over remaining in India breaching immigration and emigration laws.

Reportedly, further police investigations have revealed that the arrested individuals are a 33-year-old D. Sanka and a 22-year-old Sabras Mohamed from Colombo and that D. Sanka is a prominent criminal figure in Sri Lanka, also known as ‘Bloemendhal Sanka’.

Following interrogations, Indian security forces had reportedly determined that the two Sri Lanka are on the run after committing a murder in Sri Lanka, in December and had arrived in India illegally via a sea route.

Following entry to India, ‘Bloemendhal Sanka’ had obtained a fake Indian identification card, identifying himself as ‘Kumar’ from an area in Tamil Nadu, further read foreign media.