Decline in spread of Kidney disease in past two years


President Maithripala Sirisena said that due to the broad programme launched within the past two years in preventing the kidney disease there is a reduction in the spread of kidney disease.

The President made these remarks addressing a public rally held in Gatambe Grounds, Kandy, yesterday (25) after vesting the Kidney Patients Relief Service and Welfare Centre affiliated to the Kandy General Hospital with the public.

The Centre was built at a cost of Rs.628 million utilizing the funds of the National Kidney Fund, stated the President’s Media Division.

It is a specialty that this Centre was built entirely out of the funds of the National Kidney Fund and without any funds of the state.

The President has taken steps to name this Center after Specialist Dr. Thilak Abeysekara, who has done an exemplary service for the kidney patients in Sri Lanka.

The President, further expressing his views said that programmes should be implemented, paying special attention to strengthen treatment sections as well as to prevent the spread of the disease.

Thus the physical as well as the human resources should be similarly developed, mentioned the President.

Accordingly, the President instructed the relevant officials that it is a need to provide the allowance given by the government for kidney patients to be given to all the patients.

While broadening the programmes to make the people aware, the President said that there is a need for everybody to be aware of the proper lifestyle to prevent the spread of this disease.

The seven-storied Kidney Patients Relief Centre is equipped with a Blood Transfusion Unit and a hostel providing residential facilities to the patients.

It can provide dialysis services to 150 patients in a day. The Center also has a clinic for pre-identification of kidney patients and facilities for educational information for research, counseling and curative purposes.

The National Kidney Trust Fund established by President Maithripala Sirisena utilizing funds raised for his propaganda campaign during the period when he contested as the common candidate.

It has become a strong fund with the assistance of local and foreign donors.  Utilizing the finance of the Fund many projects have been implemented, including the welfare activities of kidney patients, providing facilities needed for treatments, providing a contribution for the research activities implemented to the prevention of kidney disease and to provide clean drinking water facilities for vulnerable areas for kidney disease.

In addition to this center affiliated to the Kandy General Hospital, two such projects are being carried out in Anuradhapura and Girandurukotte areas.

President Sirisena said the Kidney Patient Care and Welfare Center in Anuradhapura will be handed over to the public by next month.

Later, at the public rally held in Gatabe Grounds, Kandy President Sirisena presented a special memento Consultant Nephrologist Dr. Tilak Abeysekara, Professor at the University of Peradeniya for his great service towards kidney patients as well as for his efforts in finding causes for Kidney disease.

Several programmes, including providing of domestic water filters to 670 families of kidney patients, providing of Blood Pressure Monitors to 500 kidney patients and presentation of awards and certificates to the Kandy District winners of the competitions held Island-wide among the school children under the theme ‘prevention of kidney disease’ were held under the President’s patronage.

The donation of a sum of Rs. 9.06 million worth of contribution to the National Blood Donor Fund as the contribution from Lottery Board in January 2019 was presented to the President.

Kandy District Kidney Protection Society presented a special felicitation gift to the President in recognition of his dedication towards preventing kidney disease.

The President also thanked the Sri Lankan Army personnel for the construction of the Kidney Relief and Welfare Center in the Kandy District.

Governor of the North Central Province Sarath Ekanayake, central province Governor Maithri Gunarathne, Former Prime Minister D M Jayarathne, Former Minister Tissa Karaliyeddha, Ministers, Chief of Defense Staff, Army Commander, Navy Commander, Security Forces Heads, Kidney Disease of the Presidential Task Force Director Asela Iddhawela, Kandy District Secretary M.N.G.G. Tissa Karunarathne and Kandy Base Hospital Director Saman Rathnayake and large number of people were present on this occasion.

Meanwhile, the special unit of the Peradeniya Hospital and the newborn intensive care unit of the Peradeniya Hospital were also opened yesterday (25th) by President as the respected maternal care unit of the World Health Organization.

Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senarathne also was present in this event.