Appeals Court rejects Wigneswaran’s preliminary objections


The Court of Appeal has rejected the preliminary objections raised by former Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council (NPC) C.V. Wigneswaran, seeking the void of the petition filed against him over Contempt of Court.

The decision was announced by the Appeals Court judge bench consisting Judges Kumudini Wickramasinghe and Janak de Silva today (12).

Accordingly, the Appeals Court judge bench has decided to proceed with the hearing of indictments against the former NPC Chief Minister.

The judge bench is to announce the date set for the petition hearing this Friday (15).

Former Northern Province Minister of Fisheries, Transport, Trade and Rural Development Balasubramaniam Deniswaran had lodged a case against Wigneswaran over removing him from the ministerial portfolio.

The Court of Appeal had recently issued an interim order, halting this decision taken by the former Chief Minister Wigneswaran.

Subsequently, Deniswaran filed a petition before the Court of Appeal against CM Wigneswaran accusing him of Contempt of Court by failing to carry out the court order to re-appoint him in his ministerial portfolio.

However, Wigneswaran had filed preliminary objections against the petition, stating that the relevant petition is against the law.