Sri Lankans still have feudalistic mindset


There is a limited conversation in the country for political guidance, says the General Secretary of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Tilvin Silva.

Addressing an event held in Colombo yesterday (24), he stated, the existing major conversation in the country is focused on the candidates of the upcoming Presidential election.

What is crucial for the public is the capability of a specific person, party or a movement recover the country from the prevailing situation, and a political and policy conversation in this regard is needed, Tilvin Silva said.

He stated the mindset of the country’s public is still feudalistic, although they live in the capitalistic 21st century and speak of globalization.

The aristocrats deliberately limit the people’s way of thinking to a feudal mentality and the escape from this feudal mentality is the left-wing politics, he added.

Commenting further, Tilvin Silva said, the country’s prime news has become the marriage of the king’s son.