Brigadier Priyanka Fernando not informed on UK court’s summons


Brigadier Priyanka Fernando has not yet been informed on the summons issued by the Westminster Magistrate’s Court in the United Kingdom (UK), says Sri Lanka Army.

He was charged for making a threatening gesture towards a group of L.T.T.E. supporters protesting in front of the Sri Lanka High Commission in London on the 4th of February 2018 by running his forefinger across his throat.

A case was filed against him before the Westminster Magistrate’s Court and several foreign media had reported that Brigadier Fernando was declared guilty of the charges against him.

Media Spokesperson of Sri Lanka Army Brigadier Sumith Atapattu stated, information in this regard has not been reported on a diplomatic level and only a few foreign media had reported that summons was issued to Brigadier Fernando.

Brigadier Atapattu stated Attorney General’s advice has been sought regarding this incident, which took place last year.

Even if Brigadier Fernando was summoned by the UK on a diplomatic level, it is not possible to carry out the order, Brigadier Atapattu added.

Following the incident that occurred in front of the Sri Lanka High Commission in London, Sri Lanka Army took measures to bring Brigadier Priyanka Fernando back to the country.