Legal action instituted against drug addicts as per instructions of AG


Legal action was instituted against 6,000 inmates for the use of narcotics, and they are set to be released to society in the coming days, Sri Lanka Police said on Wednesday (Dec. 09).

The Attorney-General had instructed the Inspector General of Police to immediately institute legal action against all inmates who are detained for the possession and usage of smaller quantities of narcotics, Police Spokesperson, Deputy Inspector General – Ajith Rohana told reporters on Tuesday (Dec. 08).

According to the Deputy Police Chief, the Attorney-General had instructed to institute legal action under Section 78 of the Poisons, Opium and Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, instead of Section 54, which refers to the Restriction on Sale and Supply.

Section 78 of the Poisons, Opium, and Dangerous Drugs Ordinance refers to General Penalty.

“The circular in this regard was issued two weeks ago by the IGP to all police stations across the island, based on the instructions of the Attorney-General,” DIG Ajith Rohana further noted.

Accordingly, legal action has been instituted against 6000 inmates who were addicted to narcotics.