A/L and Grade 5 Schol exam candidates in curfew areas to use admission cards as passes


Sri Lanka Police says that candidates sitting for the 2020 G.C.E. Advanced Level examination and the Grade 05 Scholarship examination can use their admission cards as passes in the areas where curfew has been imposed.

Candidates residing in curfew-imposed areas are expected to be directed to exam centers closest to their place of residence and transport facilities will be arranged for them to reach the exam centers without interruptions.

The government had decided to go ahead with the Grade 05 Scholarship exam, which is scheduled to be held on October 10, and the A/L exam, scheduled to be carried out from October 12 to November 06.

The Education Ministry has decided to set up separate exam centres for the 2020 G.C.E. Advanced Level and Grade 05 Scholarship examinations candidates who are currently undergoing the quarantine procedure.

The decision was reached during a meeting held at the ministry this morning (09), on arranging exam centres amidst the novel coronavirus outbreak and obtaining the assistance of Sri Lanka Police and the transport sector in this regard.

The Commissioner General of Examinations B. Sanath Pujitha noted, social distancing practices will be adhered to at every exam centre when preparing the seating arrangements of the candidates.

All necessary preparations have been made to ensure strict compliance to other health regulations during the examination process, the Examinations Commissioner General said further.

Meanwhile the ministry has also decided to obtain the information of the candidates of 2020 G.C.E. Advanced Level and Grade 05 Scholarship examinations as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Accordingly, the candidates have been instructed to submit their details including the health status through the form provided in the official website of the Education Ministry – https://info.moe.gov.lk