113 cases filed against malpracticing turmeric traders


The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has taken measures to increase the number of raids carried out island-wide regarding turmeric trade.

According to the Assistant Director of CAA, Priyantha Wijesinghe, 113 traders have been prosecuted for malpractices in the sale of turmeric.

He further said that legal action has been taken against traders who sell turmeric over the set control price – Rs 750 per kilogram.

In addition, cases have been filed against traders who sold expired turmeric as well.

Jayasinghe said that 42 samples of turmeric have been collected from traders island-wide as complaints have been received that quality of turmeric has been reduced by mixing other substances in to the turmeric.

The collected samples of turmeric power have been sent to laboratories and reports of 23 samples have already been received by CAA, the Assistant Director said. As per the reports, 13 of the samples had various other substances added to them, he said.

Agents across the island have been informed to be on alert with this regard, Jayasinghe further said.