Turmeric to be imported for about one and half years


State Minister of Minor Export Crop Development and Export Promotion Janaka Wakkumbura said steps would be taken to import turmeric for about one and half years to avoid the shortage now being experienced in the country.

He told the media in Embilipitiya on Sunday (16) that legal action would be taken against traders selling turmeric for more than Rs.700 a kilo, in a bid to protect the consumer. He said the local production of turmeric could be increased to meet the requirements of the country in one and half years.

“However, import of turmeric in unlimited quantities as in the past would not be allowed. Import of turmeric ruined the local farmer. The present government would import only shortfall. An effective plan would be implemented to boost cultivation of traditional export crops and provide incentives to the farmer,” he said

The State Minister said the shortage had been created by profiteers and the Consumer Affairs Authority would carry out continual raids to prevent the racket.