Travel restrictions in Rajanganaya lifted completely from today


Travel restrictions imposed in Rajanganaya area due to COVID-19 outbreak will be lifted completely from today (31).

It was recently announced that travel bans in Rajanganaya MOH Division would be eased under two phases.

Accordingly, from July 27, the restrictions in Kaludegama, Sirimapura, part of Yaya 01 area and Yaya 02 area were relaxed.

However, from today onwards, travel bans in the rest of the Yaya 01 area as well as in Yaya 03, 04, 05 and 06 areas will also be eased.

In the meantime, a group of contacts of the office assistant of the Lankapura Divisional Secretariat in Polonnaruwa who tested positive for COVID-19 are to be directed to PCR tests today.

Lankapura MOH Office stated that PCR tests were conducted on 158 contacts of this patient, including several staff members of the Lankapura Divisional Secretariat, neighbours and relatives, on Thursday (30).

However, taking into account the prevailing situation, operations at the Lankapura Divisional Secretariat will be limited until further notice, Lankapura Divisional Secretary Mr. Indika Karunaratne said.