Changes being made to Sri Lanka’s birth certificates


Sri Lanka’s Registrar General says that the National Birth Certificate introduced in 2019 has been designed to meet national and international standards with the most secure strategies and international standards while eliminating the shortcomings of the former birth certificate.

He said the birth certificate is prepared in both languages while the section “Are Parents Married?” that is prejudicial to some children has been removed.

Meanwhile the following new features have been included:

1. Named as “National Birth Certificate” instead of the “Birth Certificate”
2. Prepared in both languages
3. The identity number given at birth is included.
4. Prepared digitally using a more protected paper
5. Includes a quick response code, a code number, and a watermark with a hologram sticker
6. Issued under the Signature of Registrar General

The National Birth Certificate does not include details of a religion that did not even exist in the former Birth Certificate, according to the Registrar General.

In addition to “race”, the race of the parents is also included, the statement said.

The National Birth Certificate has not yet been made public and is planned to issue on completion of the relevant procedures, the Registrar General stated.