Tightened security for prison officials who received death threats from underworld


The government has taken measures to beef up the security of prison officers who had received death threats from underworld figures currently in custody.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) recently launched a probe into criminals under the alias ‘Kosgoda Tharaka’, ‘Podi Lassi’, and ‘Pitigala Kevuma’ who are detained at the Boossa Prison over levelling death threats to the President and the Defence Secretary.

When the CID officials recorded statements from the prison officers on Monday (20), Commissioner of Prisons (Administration/ Rehabilitation and Skill Development) Mr. Chandana Ekanayake, Commissioner of Prisons (Operation/ Intelligence) Mr. Thusitha Uduwara and Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence Mr. Prasad Prematilleke divulged that they had received death threats by the underworld figures at the Boossa Prison.

Discussions were held between prison officials and inmates including the aforesaid underworld figures on the 26th of June, to resolve a fast unto death launched by them.

The prison officials had visited 14 inmates at their cells and held discussions during which ‘Podi Lassi’ said that his network operates anywhere and that he is ready for anything.

Criminal ‘Kosgoda Tharaka’ has meanwhile said that he has ample weapons and many of his disciples are operating outside while threatening to kill everyone from the Commissioner General of Prisons to the Prison Superintendent. Further, ‘Kosgoda Tharaka’ has admitted to killing many individuals and even killed an entire village leaving only women and children. He went on to say that those were the words he has for the Defence Secretary as well.

Moreover, he has said the President’s tenure is only 5 years and that he has not much regard for him either. Stating that he is above the police, ‘Kosgoda Tharaka’ has threatened to breakout by scaling the wall and removing the roof if he is confined further.

A prison official said the Commissioner General of Prisons has informed the CID and State Intelligence Service of the threats levelled by these underworld figures.