Committee probing demolishing of 13th-century building hands over interim report


The committee of experts appointed to investigate the demolishing of a building of archaeological value in Kurunegala, has handed over its interim report to Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The Office of the Premier said the report was submitted this morning (22) at the Temple Trees.

In conclusion of its findings, the committee members have proposed the following:

1. Part of the room and the windows on the frontside of the building have been damaged during the demolition, it is possible to preserve these damaged parts archaeologically. The building material including wooden beams and bricks at the rear of the building which has been completely damaged are kept in reserve. Accordingly, this part of the building can also be preserved.

2. Brining the building under the purview of the Department of Archaeology.

3. Proposing to the Road Development Authority (RDA) to revise the plan to expand this site.

4. Taking legal action against those demolished the building in question.

5. Obtaining the necessary provisions for preservation of this building from the institutions or persons responsible for the demolition.