Every citizen should wear a face mask when leaving their homes: Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva


Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva on Wednesday (July 15) emphasized that every citizen in the country should wear a face mask when leaving their homes.

“The coming few days are crucial in the fight against COVID-19. Whatever the wave it is, it will come from within the society. Through the dedication and commitment of the people between March 10th to April 30th in adhering to health guidelines, Sri Lanka achieved a milestone of no COVID-19 cases being confirmed from the society since April 30th,” Acting Chief of Defence Staff and Army Commander, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, the Head of the National Operation Center for Prevention of COVID – 19 said on Wednesday (July 15).

Commenting on the spike in COVID-19 cases with the emergence of a new cluster at the Treatment and Rehablitation Centre – Kandakadu, the Army Commander said the staff members had travelled while on leave, as they were completely unaware of the presence of COVID-19 infected inmates at the Rehab Centre.

Therefore, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva emphasized that every citizen in the country should wear a face mask when leaving their houses.

He further stressed on the importance of wearing the face mask properly, covering the nose and not just to cover one’s chin.

The Army Commander noted by following these health practices, which also include frequent washing of hands and maintaining social distances; another wave of coronavirus could be prevented.

He emphasized that it is the responsibility of every citizen to ensure that he/she does not get infected with the virus.

The Army Commander made these statements while speaking to reporters following the event to mark the annual donation of Copra from Sri Lanka Army to the Temple of Tooth in Kandy for the Kandy Esala Perahera.