Police chief orders supermarkets, groceries and pharmacies closed


Acting IGP C. D. Wickramaratne has ordered police stations to ensure that all supermarkets, groceries and pharmacies, except state-run Rajya Osu Sala outlets, in the country are closed with immediate effect.

The Police Media Spokesman said that although supermarkets have been permitted to deliver essential food items to the homes of consumers, there have been reports that certain supermarkets and grocery stores are open and selling goods to customers.

Therefore the Acting IGP has instructed the OICs of all police stations to close down all such supermarkets and groceries effective immediately.

Meanwhile the Acting IGP has also instructed all officers-in-charge (OIC) of police stations to close down all pharmacies excluding Rajya Osu Sala outlets with immediate effect.

However, pharmacies will be allowed to deliver medicine to homes, the police spokesman said.