Guidelines to protect the elderly from COVID-19 – Sri Lanka Association of Geriatric Medicine


With the spread of COVID – 19, the Sri Lanka Association of Geriatric Medicine issued a set of guidelines to protect elderly people from the virus.

Chairperson of the Association Dr. Padma S. Gunarathne said that elderly people are among those most at risk of being infected.

Dr. Padma S. Gunarathne said that the elderly community in the country includes about 300,000 people. She added that elders living in their residences as well as those living in homes for the elders run both privately and publically must adhere to these instructions.

1.Try to self isolate yourself from others as you are more vulnerable.

2.Try to avoid regular clinics, replenish your medication from the closest pharmacy, and use them without fail.

3.Wash hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds especially after touching money and going out of home.

4.Keep a distance of at least 3 feet when talking to another person.

5.Avoid touching, hugging, kissing your children or grandchildren. Avoid touching others.

6.Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough.

7.Discourage other people visiting your home and avoid gathering.

8.If you have to go out for unavoidable reasons use a face mask in crowded places.

9.Drink warm water, hydrate yourselves and avoid cold beverages.

10.Eat a healthy diet, practice meditation, read books, sleep well, stay strong in mind and body.