Crude oil ship arrives in Colombo


A ship of crude oil has arrived at the Colombo Port yesterday (22) despite there being no shortage of fuel in the country.

Litro Gas Company stated that they are working to continuously provide Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and fill up gas tanks.

The LAUGFS Gas PLC also stated that they are able to provide LPG to the market without any shortage.

Meanwhile, the government, under strict conditions, has given permission to the mobile vendors who sell bakery items to homes. Currently, there are 7000 registered mobile vendors of bakery items in the country.

It has been made mandatory for the vendor to wash their hands with disinfectant before handling food, and the consumer, too, has to wash their hands with soap or disinfectant immediately after the transaction.

The program is being monitored by the Public Health Officials in the area.