I was elected for 60 months; people will decide if I should contest again – President (Photos)


Freedom of the media is not the freedom of the owners of the media institutions. Some media agencies want to rule the country but they are not capable of doing so.

The president also said that he has not affected the media as the president, if he tries to drag the country and the people back into the shock, he will not hesitate to implement law against such personnel by using the wrong media on the needs of various groups and individuals.The President also indicated that a media group that worked against the country during the war is entering media institutions and attacking localism and national programs.

yesterday (20) morning, the President expressed these comments while participating in the 15th program ′′ Gama Sanga Pisandara ′′ held in Yombuwalthanna area, belonging to the Walapane Divisional Secretariat of Nuwaraeliya district.The majority of the people of this country unitedly appointed the president to build the country. It’s only been 16 months since the 60 month post. There’s still a significant time ahead. Some are upset about the next president. No one should worry about it and it’s the people who decide it.

The President said that the future term will bring the hopes of the people by performing a special program to uplift the national economy as well as the rural people.The responsibility of the officers is to keep the people alive. Should never bother them. The President also noted that he does not expect any incompetence from the government officials that disrupts the lives of the people.′′ I have never destroyed the environment.

From the age of being the secretary of the Ministry of Urban Development, I took a work for environmental conservation that no one has done. Even Freedom Square was full of trash back then. When that situation was not there, Colombo city was turned into a green garden. It’s sad that people who have done nothing for the environment are pointing fingers at me said the president.A senior minister in the previous government has gifted his daughter a 30 acre land in Hanthane. The President also said that if the environment was protected, they would not have to come forward and cry today.During 2015-2019, 77 acres of forests in Kurunegala district, 258 acres of Puttalam, 100 acres of Monaragala, 224 acres of Anuradhapura, including many districts including Mailawa, Matale, Laggala, Silvergama, Welikanna were destroyed.

Have been done. Is it a joke that such personnel are pointing fingers at the government today, the President said.Eliminating poverty and uplifting the rural people economically is a leading policy of the government. 35 % of the rural people, 75 % are directly in agriculture.Mr. Rajapaksha also said that he is fulfilling the responsibility of freeing the rural people from poverty by putting all the necessary programs into action for the upliftment of agriculture.The program to provide employment to one lakh selected families from the lowest income level of the society has been started. 35,000 of these rukiya has already been given.

The president said that after the first program of the job lakhs is over, another lakh will be given jobs.The President also said that it is the responsibility of the rural government officials as well as the public representatives to identify the right persons in the selection of fair ones. The President also showed that the loss of training workers has been a delay in the country’s development projects.The program ′′ Gama Sanga Pilisandara ′′ started from Badulla district on 2020 September 25 Previous programs were organized to cover Matale, Ratnapura, Anuradhapura, Ampara, Polonnaruwa, Kalutara, Monaragala, Kegalle, Kandy, Puttalam, Trincomalee, Kurunegala and Galle districts.

The President’s aim is to meet the people of difficult villages away from the city that have not been given proper attention, inquire about their problems and give solutions to the officers at the same time.Problems that are delayed to be resolved will be noted to be addressed later. The hope of the program ′′ Gama with Pilgrimage ′′ is to come among the village people and ask their questions and find remedies through their own proposals.Yombuwalthanna Grama Niladari division is from Walapane town. Located 13 m away. It is the most difficult village among the village niladari domains belonging to the Walapane Divisional Secretariat. The popularity said that the Yombuwalthanna Kappetipola Nilam, an ancient area where people who contributed to the Uva Wellassa battle, reunited with the Sinhalese army. It is said that the name of the village was created due to the many Yombuwal, a herbal branch. The population is now 397 in Yombuwelthanna village where 139 families live. Vee and vegetable farming is the main livelihood of the people.

The President was welcomed by the people gathered on the way from Nildandahinna public stadium to Yombuwalthanna to participate in the program ′′ Gama Saaga PirisandaraThe President asked the facts about the problems of the people there and also appeared in a photo with the children of Kalaganwatta Navodhya School.A local resident who introduced a local sausage production to the president showed the president a photo taken there saying he got the idea at a Viyatmaga conference.People have been gathered along the road to help wild animals cause damage to their crops for a long time have urged the President.

The President handed over the television machine and connection to the principals of the laptop and dialog institute with internet connections donated by SLT Mobitel to the Vidyapadeepa Secondary School and Siduhath Maha Vidyalaya to the Thannabodhi Primary School.It is another aim of Mr. Rajapaksha to promote library facilities in schools in every area where the program ′′ Gama Saaga Pirisandara ′′ is held. The President handed over the books to the schools with the theme ′′ A generation of children with wisdom The number of books belonging to different subjects per school is 500Enjoying government lands so far without ownership. The grant card distribution to families started yesterday. Today, the President symbolically issued allowance letters to 05 families belonging to the Walapane Divisional Secretariat.

The main problem the people of the area are facing is the difficulty of roads and interimways. It was a long discussion on this. The President advised to speed up the development work of Galwatta-Yombuwelthanna road, Theripeha – Molandawa, Galaha – Deltota to Rikillagaskada road, Yativella – Mathurata road, Theripeha, Nildandahinna main and many sideways.It was also decided to build 15 bridges on the main and sideways of the area. All community water projects in the areas including Yombuwelthanna, Lawellagolla, Makunagahapitiya, Hapugahapitiya, Kalaganwatta were decided to be full-paid according to the needs of the people.

Decided to improve the waterproof in Walapana. It was also informed that the renovations of many other lakes in the areas including Dadakele, Welithuduwa, Paragahalanda, Kiriwadunna, Mukalan, Udakanda, should be expedited.The shortage of teachers in the area schools should be completed. It has also been decided for the development of infrastructure facilities in many schools including Kalaganwatta Navodya Secondary School, Arunodaya Hindu College, Rankelambuwa Maha Vidyalaya, Udamadura Sri Vidya Pradeepa Secondary School.It was decided to promote Madulla secondary school to a national school.

Under the Rural Sports Development Program, a divisional secretariat was also advised for the development of the playground.Financial grants have been allocated for the development of infrastructure of 12 Dhamma schools running in temples. The President agreed to the monk’s request to fulfill the physical needs of Pirivenwala, Central Province.Land problems in 13 village niladari constituencies were identified in the program ′′ Gama Sanga Palisandara The President advised to resolve all those problems and take immediate action against the evidence.It was also decided to renovate all the elephant fences built in the area as a solution to the wild elephant problem.The fines in the district have been shown to the public that Turpentine is harmful to the environment. The President advised the environmental authorities to remove those farming and make local forest farming popular.

Officials pointed out that Copria Arabica Lakparakum is the fourth among the world’s delicious coffee. Nuwaraeliya district owns the appropriate environmental and climate potential for this. The President also advised to focus more on promoting that coffee cultivation across the district.It was also decided to develop infrastructure facilities in Walapane, Bagawanthalawa, Nildandahinna, Mathurata, Theripaha regional and rural hospitals.Authorities were also advised to take steps to cover the shortage of medical, nurses and minor workers in the district.It was also decided to install two monk wards in Rikillagaskada, Walapane hospitals.

The President also advised to look into the shortcomings of all the estate hospitals in the area and complete them.A military camp has been decided to be established in Walapane area to face the security and emergency disaster situations in the area.People showed the need of a fertilizer center in Walapane area. The public criticized for neglecting the crop collection centers in the district by the previous government. The President informed the authorities to install crop collection centers at appropriate places in the district.It is also suggested to make curry and aloe vera cultivation in the full fields that cannot be cultivated.

The decision was also taken for the full development of Walapane and Pudaluoya cities which were a request from the people for a long time.Minister C. B. Rathnayake, Central Province Governor Lalith U. Gamage, State Minister Jeewan Thondaman, Parliament Minister S. B. Dissanayake, Nimal Piyathissa, Rameshwara Marudapandi, President’s Chief Advisor Lalith Weerathunga and people’s representatives of the district, ministry secretaries, chiefs of state institutions and security sector attended the ′′ Gama Sanga Pisandara ′′ program held at Yombuwelthanna village.

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