13 more leaving WP identified as Covid-19 patients through Antigen tests


Therteen more persons tested positive with COVID-19 following random rapid Antigen Tests conducted yesterday on those leaving the Western Province, police said.

Accordingly, a total of 74 persons have been identified as COVID infected since December 18 to date, Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said.

He said that a total of 10,987 Antigen tests have been conducted by yesterday. DIG Rohana said that at least 377 people of those who have contacts with COVID-19 infected were directed to quarantine.

Random rapid Antigen tests are conducted at 11 locations in addition to expressway exit points.

He said the random tests would continue untll January 5, 2021.

Meanwhile, the spokesman said that the authorities have conducted special Antigen tests in Galle Face Green in Colombo yesterday and had identified nine Covid-19 positive cases following the operation.

He said the Rapid Antigen tests will be conducted on passengers or persons who are in public places as well.