Police urge people to limit movement out of Western Province


Sri Lanka Police on Saturday (Dec. 12) requested people to limit travelling from the Western province to other parts of the country, to contain further spread of the virus.

The need to limit movement unless an essential requirement was emphasized by Police Spokesperson – DIG Ajith Rohana in order to contain the spread of the virus.

The quarantine order in respect of nine police jurisdictions and 25 Grama Niladhari divisions continues to remain in effect.

“The residents in the areas under lock-down, obeyed and adhered with the quarantine rules and regulations almost for a period of 45-days and we would like to express our appreciation to the people for respecting the rules and regulations,” remarked the Deputy Police Chief on Saturday (Dec. 12).

Police Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana was hopeful of the restrictions being relaxed in the near future upon analyzing PCR test results and the tendency of the formation of clusters.

“The PCR tests are being conducted, and after analyzing the statistics we would be able to consider the situation. Thereafter, if there are no clusters or if there is no tendency of increasing such clusters, we would be able to remove the quarantine order in the near future,” DIG Ajith Rohana further said.