Isolation status on six housing schemes lifted


The isolation imposed on six housing schemes in the Colombo district will be lifted with effect from 6.00 am today, Army Commander and Head of the National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak, Lt. General Shavendra Silva said.

The Army Chief said the following housing complexes will no longer be isolated:
• Methsanda Sevana flats in Modara
• Randiya Uyana flats in Mattakkuliya
• Mihijaya Sewana flats in Modara
• Modara Uyana flats in Grandpass
• Samagipura flats in Grandpass
• Mihindusethpura flats in Dematagoda

However, the police divisions where these urban flats are located will continue to be under isolation orders until further notice, the Army Chief noted.