Health authorities should take maximum effort to control emerging sub COVID clusters: GMOA


The Health Authorities and the Epidemiology Unit should take maximum effort to control the emerging of new sub-COVID-19 clusters in the country, the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) said today.

Addressing the media GMOA Editor Dr Haritha Aluthge said the emergence of sub-clusters can be seen in various places in the country, such as in the Prisons Department, Government and private hospitals, Factories, Free Trade Zones, police and various institutions.

“Conducting of surveillance process in the society if very important. For that, essential facilities and services should be granted to the Publish Health Inspectors (PHIs) and to the entire health sector to control this situation from the ground level while encouraging them,” Dr. Aluthge said.

The surveillance process cannot proceed without strengthening the public health system and the main responsibility should be taken by the Epidemiology Unit.

“If a certain country was able to control the emerging of COVID clusters, that country will be able to be free from the coronavirus. If not the situation getting worst,” he said.

Therefore, the responsibility of health authorities is to inform and declare technical recommendations to the Government and the country on a daily basis, Dr Aluthge said.