Will get into a social pact with the people: Sajith


The UNP led alliance’s presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa yesterday said he will get into a social pact with the people and thereby create a new industrial and social revolution if elected to office.

Mr. Premadasa addressed the UNP convention in Colombo yesterday saying this pact would be an agenda of the people and carry a specific time-frame.

“We need able people to work for the betterment of the nation. We need qualified people and professionals, experts and the knowledgeable. I will work with the Prime Minister to form an able administration. I am willing to get into a transparent social pact to fulfil this mission. This would be the beginning of a development battle. There will be a fixed timetable for this programme,” Mr. Premadasa said.

He then came up with a set of pledges which included the setting up of an administration without corruption and nepotism, to safeguard the unborn, newly-born and mothers, creating a free education system by carrying forward the achievements which the present government had made in the sector, free health services will be further strengthened, highest possible allocation will be made for health, set up IT colleges in each division, English language schools and introduce new women and youth charters.

“We will give priority to national security and security forces will be an advanced lot. We will create a new defence system that could face modern terrorism. The defence sector will be made independent. We will treat the security forces with gratitude,” he said.

Mr. Premadasa also pledged to adopt a positive foreign policy. “We will never sign international agreements which will affect the nation adversely,” he said.

Also, he pledged to provide concessions for farmers, to create a new industrial revolution, a new poverty alleviation program in addition to Samurdhi and to turn state institutions which have become a burden into new joint ventures.

“I don’t have a family or a generation to safeguard. My intention is to safeguard the people. We will rule according to the ten principles preached by the Buddha. I will fulfil the duty entrusted to me by the party with diligence. I got this opportunity today as there is a party leader who is willing to make sacrifices. I have got this opportunity also because of the approval received from the UNP working committee, parliamentary group allies and the endorsement given by the people. Speaker Karu Jayasuriya also gives his blessings,” he said.