Illegal printing press raided; four arrested


Four persons including a person who operated an illegal printing press have been arrested by Kiribathgoda Police stated the Office of the Police Media Spokesperson.

At a raid based on a tip-off received by the officers of Kiribathgoda Police Station, three persons have been arrested along with fake currency notes.

Five Rs 1000 notes and 03 Rs 500 notes have been found on the arrestees, stated the Police.

Interrogations of the suspects have revealed that they had received them from the person who printed the fake money, in order to get them changed.

Accordingly, the police officers had raided the illegal printing press operated at a house in Dippitigoda area in Kelaniya.

The officers have arrested the main suspect who runs the business, along with 27 fake Rs 1000 notes, 04 fake Rs 500 notes.

Police have also taken a machine used for printing the fake currency notes and a computer under police custody.