IP Kapila Nishantha remanded


Southern Province Special Investigations Unit IP Kapila Nishantha who was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) over the disappearance of the two businessmen in Rathgama, has been remanded until 27th of February.

Two businessmen from Rathna Udagama, Boossa, 33-year-old Manjula Asela, and 31-year-old Rasen Chinthaka, were taken away by a group of persons in police uniforms who had arrived in a van and a car at around 10 a.m. on 23rd of January. Both businessmen had been at the residence of Manjula Asela at the time of the incident.

The family members of the disappeared businessmen had, reportedly, received a letter via post, stating that a group of officers of Nupe police station had kidnapped the two businessmen and murdered them by assault.

The family members have submitted the letter in question to several police stations and police headquarters as well for further investigations.

IP Kapila Nishantha of Southern Province Special Investigations Unit was arrested last night (18), by the CID over the incident.