Second Special HC also to be set up at Hulftsdorf court complex


It has been decided to set up the second Permanent High Court Trial-at-Bar at the same location where the first Special High Court was established.

Accordingly, Secretary of Justice and Prison Reforms R.M.D.B. Meegasmulla stated that necessary steps would be taken to establish the second Special High Court without delay.

This would be undertaken in accordance with the authority conferred to the Justice Minister by the Judicature Act No. 2 of 1978.

The judges for the second Special High Court had already been appointed, however, the location of the court remained an issue.

The first Special High Court was officially set up on 21st of August 2018 at the Hulftsdorf court complex, and accordingly, the second Special High Court would also be established at the same location.

The amendment bill to set up Special High Courts was passed in the parliament on 9th May 2018.

The Special High Courts are being set up hear the cased related to fraudulent acts, misuse of public property and acts of bribery.