Register all chainsaws before February 28


The Ministry of Defence says that all Chainsaw Machines in the country must be registered with the ministry before February 28th and a registration certificate obtained.

According to a decision taken by the Ministry of Defence on the orders of the President, Maithripala Sirisena, it is mandatory to register all Chainsaw Machines being used in the country, the special announcement said.

“This is aimed at controlling deforestation caused by illegal felling of trees using Chainsaw Machines, and regulate the felling of trees”.

Accordingly, all state-owned, semi-government, private-sector institution or privately owned Chainsaw Machines, should be produced at the nearest police station and a registration permit obtained.

The registration process will commence on February 20th and all registrations should end by February 28th.

After registering, a special license and a number will also be issued for identification purposes.

Necessary instructions have been issued to all police stations in the country, the notice signed by the Secretary of Defence Hemasiri Fernando stated.