PCR or rapid antigen tests on people failing to wear face masks


People who fail to wear a face mask in public will be subjected to rapid antigen tests or PCR tests from today (January 05), the Police said.

In a statement, Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana noted that legal action will also be sought against people who do not wear a face mask in public.

The decision was taken as these people are at risk of being exposed to coronavirus transmission and they pose a risk to other individuals as well, DIG Rohana explained.

Meanwhile, random rapid antigen tests at fish stalls in Western Province will continue to be carried out, the police spokesman said.

In addition, people at vegetable stalls, weekly fairs and economic centres will also be subjected to random testing from today.

DIG Rohana added that 74 individuals were taken into custody during the past 24 hours for not wearing face masks and failing to maintain social distancing.

Nearly 2,172 health regulation violators have been arrested so far, he said further.