Sri Lanka re-exports containers of sub-standard canned fish back to China


A consignment of canned fish containers containing arsenic was re-exported to China today (17) by the Sri Lanka Customs after being deemed unfit for human consumption by the Sri Lanka Standards (SLS) Institution.

Between July and October, 48 containers containing 768 metric tons of canned fish worth Rs 38.4 million were imported from China to the Port of Colombo.

However, investigations carried out by the SLS Institution have revealed that the “percentage of arsenic content” in the canned fish exceeds the prescribed amount.

In particular, the investigations found that the consignment did not comply with the SLS 591-2014 standard.

Thereby, the containers containing the stock of canned fish were forwarded to the Consumer Protection Division of the Sri Lanka Customs.

Subsequently, the Customs had decided to re-export the canned fish containers back to China.

Accordingly, two containers of these containers were re-exported to China from the Port of Colombo today (17).