Lawyers to get confidential access to Hizbullah


The Attorney General today informed the Court of Appeal that confidential access to meet and consult detained Attorney at Law Hejaaz Hizbullah would be granted.

This was following a Petition filed by a Lawyer which said that confidential access has been denied to Mr. Hizbullahs lawyers since the date of his arrest.

The Court of Appeal made order that two lawyers to be permitted to visit Mr. Hizbullah and obtain instructions from him after the Attorney General conceded to the right of Hizbullah and his Lawyers to meet. .

Earlier, Lawyers of Mr. Hizbullah detailed how officers of the Criminal Investigations Department sat in on the consultations and took down notes during the consultations. The Lawyers said that they were denied even the very limited access since September 12.

Mr. Hizbullah has been in detention under the Prevention of Terrorism Act since April 14.  Two of his case files were taken after the officers searched his Chamber.

Following the undertaking in Court by the Attorney General that two Counsel would be meeting Mr. Hizbullah on December 16 and would be given continuous access thereafter, proceedings were terminated.

Romesh De Silva PC with Shanaka Cooray, Niran Anketell and Harith De Mel instructed by Sanath Wijewardena appeared for the Petitioner Chalana Perera