Mahara incident: Experts’ report on drugs awaited


Expert reports are being obtained on six types of drugs which were available at the medical store at the Mahara Prison to find out whether alleged excessive use of medicinal drugs by the prisoners made them violent, Police Media Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana stated yesterday.

He said that there were about 21,000 types of pills that were not used for common ailments and that the CID was looking into obtaining a report from experts on six types of pills which may have stimulant properties when used in high doses.

He said that expert reports are being obtained to further confirm the information received by the CID that the detainees may have behaved in a riotous manner after consuming such drugs.

The CID has recorded 56 statements so far during the investigation into the Mahara prison incident.

Thirty statements were recorded on Thursday which included 13 prison officers, one doctor, 12 inmates and four male nurses.

On December 2, the CID had recorded the statements of 26 persons regarding the Mahara Prison incident.

The Police Media Spokesman stated that the officers of the CID are investigating whether there was any person or group of persons behind this riot and who supported it.

Meanwhile, an interim report of the committee appointed to look into the Mahara prison clash is due to be handed over to Justice Minister Ali Sabry, PC on Monday.

The committee visited the Mahara Prison premises for the first time on the 3rd and recorded the statements of 10 detainees.

The committee met at the Welikada Prison Research and Training Centre on the second day yesterday (04) and recorded statements from prison inmates and prison officials.

The role of the Committee is to look into the causes of the prison conflict and the action to be taken and to make the necessary recommendations, in addition to making recommendations on the short-term action to be taken.