Govt. should get travel ban imposed on security forces lifted: Sarath Fonseka


Fifty-one high ranking officers in the security forces are facing a travel ban from countries such as the United States and its high time the government gets the travel ban lifted by permanently resolving the human rights issues, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka told Parliament yesterday.

Speaking during the committee stage debate on the budget in the House, the SJB MP said even he is unable to visit his children abroad because of the travel ban.

“The human rights issue has taken a new turn with Sri Lanka’s decision to withdraw from co-sponsorship of the resolution in UN Human Rights Council as the British House of Commons has approved a resolution. The House of Commons had actually expressed its displeasure over Sri Lanka’s decision to withdraw from co-sponsorship. It is time to resolve the human rights issues for good so that travel bans on 51 high ranking officers in the security forces can get lifted,” Field Marshal Fonseka said.

“Sri Lankan security forces did not target Tamil civilians during the war at any time. We in fact rescued 130,000 civilians in Pudumatalan,” he said.

The former Army Commander said Sri Lankan security forces need modern equipment such as new war tanks while the Navy needs a warship.“sri Lankan Navy is still without a warship while the Air Force needs new attack aircraft,” he added.

Also, he said the credit for the war victory should be given to those who were in the battlefield from the tri forces and not the politicians and the high ranking officers.