GMOA requests political, religious leaders not to talk about Covid-19 vaccine for political gains


The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) requested all political and religious leaders not to gain political advantages out of Covid-19 vaccine and experiment.

Addressing the media, GMOA Assistant Secretary Dr Naveen de Zoysa requested the said parties not to talk anything far from their knowledge about the corona vaccine and the testing procedures.

“Politicians and religious leaders do not know anything about the medical sector, medicine and medical experiments. Spreading false information in the regard will confuse people and peoples’ trust and faith in the medical sector is distorted, ” he said.

Meanwhile, he said the GMOA was hoping to provide a new COVID-19 surveillance system to the country by this Friday (27).

The GMOA is to discuss the matter with the new Health Director-General soon.

He said the Western Province Health Service Director had not still provided COVID-19 patients’ standard surveillances data to the Epidemiology Department.

“With the new system, we would be able to provide an accurate map of the COVID spreading in the country and it will be easy to identify the high-risk areas.