All schools closed from tomorrow: Ministry of Education


The second term school holidays will commence from tomorrow (Oct. 05), the Ministry of Education said on Sunday (Oct. 04)

Meanwhile, all schools, tuition classes, and piriven schools in the Gampaha district will be closed until Friday, the 9th of October, with effect from today.

Earlier on Sunday (Oct. 04), police curfew was imposed in Minuwangoda and Divulapitiya police jurisdictions until further notice after a COVID-19 positive case was confirmed from Divulapitiya.

According to the Department of Government Information, a 39-year-old woman in Divulapitiya tested positive for COVID-19 last night, when leaving the Gampaha hospital after recovering from a fever.

Issuing a statement the Police Headquarters said police curfew was imposed under the provisions of the Quarantine and Prevention of Disease Ordinance No. 03 of 1987.

The Police Headquarters said all residents in Minuwangoda and Divulapitiya are required to stay indoors until the curfew is lifted, adding that entering and exiting or traveling through these areas will be prohibited until further notice.