‘Kanjipani Imran’ taken to Navy Hospital amidst hunger strike


Notorious drug kingpin and underworld ring leader Mohommad Najim Mohommad Imran alias “Kanjipani Imran”, who was engaging in a hunger strike along with several other inmates of the Boossa Prison, was transferred to the Navy Hospital in Boossa.

He was subsequently transported back to the Boossa Prison following several medical tests including an electrocardiogram (ECG) on Friday (12).

The hunger strike launched by several inmates including high-profile underworld figures detained at the Boossa Prison, based on several demands, continued for the second day on Friday.

However, prison sources claim that a number of the inmates who initially engaged in the hunger strike withdrew from it and partook in meals on Friday.

However, notorious underworld figures and drug traffickers such as Kanjipani Imran, Wele Suda, Kewuma, Jausan and Soose had continued to engage in the hunger strike.