School canteens and lunch programs allowed to recommence


The Minster of Education Prof. G. L. Peiris has instructed the Secretary to the Ministry of Education to maintain the school lunch program and school canteens in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry has already informed all Provincial Secretaries of Education, Provincial, Zonal and Divisional Directors of Education to take steps to inform and regulate school authorities in this regard, the Ministry of Education said issuing a statement.

Accordingly, permission has been granted to implement the school lunch program from September 14 onwards in compliance with disease prevention and control measures.

Recommendations have also been made to operate school canteens ensuring that social distance regulations are followed.

The issue stated that the principals and school staff should take the necessary steps to prevent large numbers of students from visiting school canteens during the interval.

Further, it was emphasized that the school canteens can be continued from September 14 only if an arrangement can be made where food orders are obtained from the students in the morning and the relevant orders be distributed to the classes during the interval.