Number of admissions at state medical faculties to be increased: UGC


The total number of students who are admitted to medical faculties at state universities will be increased by 369 students, the University Grants Commission said.

Additional admissions will be made based on results of the 2019 GCE Advanced Level Examination, Prof. Sampath Amarathunga, the Chairman of the University Grants Commission said on Wednesday (Sep 09).

Further, the total number of students admitted to Engineering, Science, Agriculture, Arts, and Information Technology faculties will also be increased.

UGC Chairman, Prof. Sampath Amarathunga said the final number of students to be admitted to faculties will be announced in the future, adding studies are currently underway regarding the matter.

“Measures are also underway to allow admission for more than 20,000 students to universities this year,” Prof. Amarathunga further noted.