880 defaced parcels still at Colombo Mail Exchange


The Department of Posts is facing extreme difficulties in recovering the addresses of around 880 defaced parcels sent from Malaysia Posts, postal officials said.

“Measures are underway to recover the addresses of the defaced parcels,” Aslam Hassan, the Superintendent of Posts at the Colombo Central Mail Exchange said.

Around 45,000 letters and parcels sent to Sri Lanka through Malaysia Posts during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, were defaced.

According to Aslam Hassan, the addresses of a majority were recovered by sending the barcode readings to Malaysia, and thereby, the parcels were distributed to the respective recipients.

However, the barcode readings of the remaining 880 parcels have also been erased to a certain extent.

“If we fail to recover the addresses of the remaining parcels, the Department will have no choice but to return the parcels back to Malaysia,” Aslam Hassan further noted.