MPs notified to declare assets and liabilities: NEC


The National Elections Commission has notified all elected Members of Parliament to submit their declarations of assets and liabilities before they sit in Parliament.

The relevant assets and liabilities should be declared to the respective District Returning Officers, the NEC said on Monday (Aug 10).

According to the Elections Commission, it is reported that many of the candidates who were elected from the general election have already declared their assets and liabilities.

Thereby, the National Elections Commission requested the remaining members who are yet to submit assets declarations, to expedite the process.

Furthermore, a deadline for the acceptance of declarations of assets and liabilities of candidates who did not win the general election will be announced in the near future, the National Elections Commission noted.

According to the NEC, candidates who were defeated at the general election must submit their assets and liability declarations within three months of receiving nominations.

However, given the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Elections Commission is expecting to set a deadline for the submission of assets and liability declarations