1st Phase of re-opening schools post COVID-19 begins today: Only administration and management staff allowed


The first phase in the re-opening of schools that were closed in line with the COVID-19 outbreak, will commence on Monday (June 29), with the opening of schools, piriven and education centres for Buddhist nuns, education authorities said.

“Under phase 01, which commences today, schools will open only for Principals, Teachers, Non-Academic Staff and Management,” N.H.M. Chitrananda, the Secretary to the Ministry of Education said on Monday (June 29).

The entire week starting June 29th will focus on disinfecting and cleaning schools as well as upgrading the existing school system, to commence studies in compliance with health regulations.

During this week, classrooms will be prepared in a manner that ensures social distances are maintained, according to Education Secretary N.H.M. Chitrananda.

Furthermore, schools will be transformed into safe health premises with the instalment of hand sanitizing facilities, during this week.

“All schools will be monitored as to whether proper health protocols were followed, prior to the opening of schools for students,” emphasized N.H.M. Chitrananda adding schools will be overseen by Education Ministry representatives, including Directors and Assistant Directors of Education.

Minister of Education, Dullas Alahapperuma on Sunday (June 28), requested all parents to refrain from allowing their children to move away from the practice of health guidelines.

“We have forgotten most health directives. Now we see masks are being worn on necks instead of the face. We are gradually letting go of these health practices. However, I wish to request all parents to refrain from allowing their children to drift away from the practice of good health habits,” Minister of Education, Dullas Alahapperuma said.

Under the 2nd phase beginning next Monday the 6th of June, students sitting for the Scholarship examination, Ordinary Level and Advanced Level examinations, that is Grades 5, 11 and 13; will be allowed to return to schools.