97,000 Heroin addicts in Sri Lanka


The Government of Sri Lanka has decided to establish a new rehabilitation centre for drug addicts.

According to statistics at the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board, there are around 97,000 people who are addicted to Heroin across the island.

The data show that close to 20,000 people are addicted to the narcotic substance ICE and around 400,000 are addicted to Cannabis.

“The new rehabilitation centre will be established in Nittabuwa,” told Dr. Laknath Welagedara – the Chairman of the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board, on Thursday (June 11), further adding four rehabilitation centres have already been established in Thalangama, Nittabuwa, Unawatuna and Kandy.

According to Dr. Welagadera the centres are in the process of registering those addicted to drugs for treatment and rehabilitation.

“Under the next phase, following the establishment of a new centre in Nittabuwa, drug addicts will undergo rehabilitation and vocational training,” said Dr. Welagedara.

The National Dangerous Drugs Control Board further said a majority of those addicted to drugs are reported from the Western Province.