Multiple agencies investigating FB videos of children threatening each other


Multiple agencies have launched investigations after several videos were posted online where underage children were making threats to one another.

The Chairman of the National Child Protection Authority, Professor Muditha Vidanapathirana speaking to media said an investigation was launched on Wednesday, and measures were taken to block certain pages.

He said the regional officers of the NCPA visited the residences of these underage children to understand their behavior and their psychological state.

Professor Muditha Vidanapathirana said Sri Lanka Police is on the verge of making arrests and if the children were forced to appear in the videos, all adults connected to it would be arrested.

The Founder Chairman of the NCPA Professor Harendra De Silva speaking to media said children are now addicted to engaging in activities that do not suit their age because adults create and post content which causes curiosity among the masses.

He said these incidents can be looked at as those causing psychological abuse and the person who records the video and posts them to social media should be considered as an abuser of a pedophile.

Consultant to the National Child Protection Authority Wijesena Vithana said in order to combat cybercrime, the existing laws need to be updated.

Dr. Miyuru Chandradasa. a specialist in child mental health and behavioral problems said when children are forced into such acts and when they do things which do not suit their age, they gradually become isolated from the family unit.