Special Unit similar to IDH constructed for COVID-19 patients


A unit similar to the Infectious Diseases Hospital was constructed in Polonnaruwa to house confirmed COVID-19 cases, on the instructions of the President.

Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army said confirmed COVID-19 cases would be admitted to the new premises this evening.

The Army Commander added, a COVID-19 monitoring center will be in operation from today.

Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva went on to note people who entered the country between the 01st and 15th of March must inform the local law enforcement authorities of their presence in the country, which will enable the health officials to provide medical advise to them.

He advised Sri Lankans who entered the island from any other country during the said period to remain indoors for self-quarantine to minimize the risk.

Anyone who arrived in Sri Lanka from Europe, South Korea and Iran must register themselves with the nearest Police Station.

Sri Lanka Police said, such individuals are not necessarily required to visit the Police Station physically, but can make a phone call and register.

Yesterday(16), the Defence Ministry requested all Sri Lankans who arrived from European countries including the UK, Iran, Italy and South Korea from the 01st to the 15th of March to register themselves with the nearest police station immediately.